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June 12th: Weekly meal plan

Hello! Andy and I had a fabulous week away. The weather was perfect and we had a great time relaxing and playing outside in the sun.

This week is pretty much back to normal. The garden is still spitting out tons of lettuce and greens, so you’ll see quite a few salads on the menu. The grocery list is as straightforward as it can get, as well.

It’s nice to be home! Have a great week!!!

– Chicken mole with green cauli-rice
Chorizo rice bowl
– Grilled sausage with salad
– Spanish frittata with salad
Chorizo cabbage skillet casserole
– Brussels salad with eggs
– Hodge Podge!

May 29th: Weekly meal plan

Andy’s brother is getting married, so this week’s meal plan is a little light. Plus, my mom retired and we’re throwing her a birthday party, so you’ll notice a few odd items on the grocery list.

Lettuce from the garden is still going strong and the salads are light and refreshing. This is such a nice time of year for eating light. Especially when it’s as warm as it has been.

Have a great week!

– Broccoli pancakes with salad (see above)
Chorizo rice bowl
– Ultimate tuna salad
– BLT salad with avocado
– Spanish fritatta with salad
– Hodge Podge!

May 22nd: Weekly meal plan

Have you ever wondered what “Hodge Podge” night looks like at our house? Well, the picture above is basically it. A little roasted broccoli, a couple fried eggs, maybe some sauteed sweet potatoes and a dollop of chive yogurt sauce to round it all out. And believe me, it was ever so tasty!

Our first salad from the garden! Butter crunch lettuce, arugula, spinach, and radishes.
Our first salad from the garden! Butter crunch lettuce, arugula, spinach, and radishes.

This weekend officially kicks off grilling season, and even though the forecast is a bit gray, I’m still going to dust off our BBQ and make some grilled chicken skewers. You’ll also notice a couple salads this week. The garden has been giving up lots of salad greens for us to enjoy, and the radishes are starting to make an appearance.

Have a happy Memorial Day and here’s to the week ahead!

(I almost forgot the grocery list…)

– Potato saffron “omelets”
Chorizo cabbage skillet bake
Grilled chicken kebab bowl (with cauli-rice)
Broccoli pancakes with salad
– Ultimate tuna salad “salad”
Texy Mexy skillet
– Hodge Podge

May 15th: Weekly meal plan

I can’t believe how fast the year is moving! How is it already mid-May? This week officially kicks off our “eating home grown food from the garden”. We’ve got lettuce and greens that are ready to be eaten, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Except for the fact that my salad spinner broke suddenly this week. A minor inconvenience compared to the joy of eating salad I grew myself!

Andy requested a few favorites (picadillo and carnitas) and I’m trying a new to us Yotam Ottolenghi recipe (cauliflower cake) along with a repeat Ottolenghi dish (potato/saffron omelets). We’re eating pretty veggie heavy, which is why the produce section of the grocery list is a little extra long.

Have a great one!

– Carnitas with green cauli-rice
– Picadillo with green cauli-rice
Cauliflower cake (subbing almond flour for the all-purpose)
– Potato/saffron omelets (from the Plenty cookbook from Yotam Ottolenghi)
– Chicken salad stuffed roma tomatoes
Broccoli pancakes with salad
– Hodge Podge



May 8th: Weekly meal plan

This weekend officially kicks off our crazy season. Between now and Father’s Day we’ve got a steady stream of family events on the calendar. As such, I wanted a pretty easy dinner week–with one exception. I’ve had a hankering for chicken mole lately, and am going to try my hand at it. It’s not hard, just somewhat time consuming and it contains small amounts of a lot of different ingredients as you can tell by the bulk section of our grocery list. Oddly enough, I had all the spices in my pantry already! Oh, and you’ll notice I only have 6 meals planned for the week, Because of a Mother’s Day/Birthday family event combo, I get a night off.

Have a great week!

– Brussels sprouts gratin (recipe coming soon!)
– Biryani cauli-rice bowl (carry over from last week)- Chicken mole cauli- rice bowl
– Broccoli + Egg casserole
– Stuffed cabbage casserole (recipe + variations coming soon!)
– Hodge Podge!


May 1st: Weekly meal plan

Let me tell you, being sick is no fun! Especially when it sucks all your energy. Even though I’m feeling better, I wanted to stick with fairly easy dinners for the week ahead. I’m trying a few new recipes–the world of food blogs is a wonderful thing!–and falling back on a few favorites to round everything out.

Thanks for your patience with my lack of posts this week, hope you have a great one.

Oh! I almost forgot the grocery list

– Chicken salad stuffed tomatoes
Broccoli pancakes and fried eggs
– Chorizo rice bowl (recipe coming soon!)
– Biryani rice bowl and fried eggs (based on this recipe.)
– Stuffed sweet potatoes
Pesto chicken spaghetti squash “bake”
– Hodge Podge

April 24th: Weekly meal plan

Even though we don’t have anything special planned this week, I didn’t want to mess around with dinners that were too complicated. After working out in the yard all day, sometimes all I want is easy peasy! This happens to be a week where Andy makes his chili, which is one of the reasons the grocery list is a bit hefty this week.

Have a great one!

Brussels sprouts, apple, caramelized onion salad with fried eggs
– Cobb salad
– Broccoli and anchovy cauli-rice with fried eggs (recipe coming soon)
– Cabbage roll casserole
– Tuna stuffed tomatoes
– Zucchini, mushroom, chicken skillet
– Hodge Podge!



April 17th: Weekly meal plan

Hi there! The weather has been beautiful and sunny lately, so I wanted our dinners to match that tone. There’s a little rain on the horizon, so I’ve got a few “warm your bones” meals, but for the most part we should be eating pretty light this week. I’m trying some new ideas–variations on familiar themes–and am excited about the flavor possibilities (I’m looking at you Brussels sprouts salad…)!

Here’s the grocery list. Enjoy!

Brussels sprouts, apple, caramelized onion salad with fried eggs
Broccoli, tomato, and sausage bake
– Broccoli and anchovy cauli-rice with fried eggs
Chicken ragu over herbed cauli-rice (this makes excellent lunch leftovers!)
– Cobb salad
– Zucchini, mushroom, chicken gratin
– Hodge Podge!

April 10th: Weekly meal plan

Thanks to an abundant Easter brunch (we hosted Andy’s family and I made a little extra) we actually ate leftovers for dinner three times this week! That means I get to carry over a couple of last week’s meals into this week. You’ll notice the grocery list is a wee bit shorter, and that’s because we’ve got the ingredients for the pho and the chorizo rice bowl in the fridge waiting to be consumed.

Have a great week!

– Chorizo rice bowl
– Enchilada cabbage casserole
– Chicken pho
– Chicken ragu over herbed cauli-rice
– Broccoli egg casserole with salad
– Flat bread pizza with salad
– Hodge podge!

April 3rd: Weekly meal plan

With Easter this weekend (we’re hosting Andy’s entire family–all 20 of them!), I wanted to keep our meal plan pretty simple. You’ll see quite a few repeats from last week.

He has risen indeed!

– Brussels sprouts gratin
– “Texy Mexy” skillet
– Beef enchilada cabbage casserole
– Chorizo rice bowl
– Chicken pho (with zoodles!)
– Fried eggs with roasted veggies and salad
– Hodge Podge!