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In his words: My mileage

I get a LOT of people asking me how many miles I walk every day, and resisting the urge to be a wise guy and saying “all of them”, here is the actual answer.

Daily mileage: 3.5 miles every morning and again every night after work*. Speed: 4 – 4.5 mph. Mormons have had to jog/run to keep up with me. True story.

*Weekdays. Weekend afternoon walks can last up to 11.5 miles in some instances, although the average in the fall/winter/spring is 5.5 – 7.5 miles.

In his words: Introducing Andy


I figured I’d better introduce myself …  I’m Olivia’s husband. “Who’s Olivia?” you ask. Well, she’s my wife.

She’s also the creator of this blog and the loving woman whose cooking contributed to and then saved me from Type 2 Diabetes. Along with cutting out junk food, carbage (processed foods made with grains like bread, pasta, etc.), consistent and daily exercise, and not drinking my calories (haven’t had soda in 2 ½ years).

I figured I’d better help out around here and will be periodically writing some blog entries in order to share my perspective on our journey to better health and what not. Thanks for following along!