Our story

We’re Andy and Liv. In March of 2011, Andy was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes with an A1C of 14. For those of you don’t know, that’s really REALLY high. Like drop dead of a heart attack high. His doctor sent him home with an armful of prescriptions, and that was supposedly that. We were instructed to see a nutritionist, but were given no other measure of support. No suggestion for lifestyle changes we could make to make this process as successful as possible.

After four days of physical illness due to the side effects of the Metformin, we decided that Andy’s route to health would not involve the use of prescription medication. That decision led to a journey that neither one of us ever expected to undertake. After hundreds of hours of research, recipe hunting, trial and error, walking, talking, and more, we created a lifestyle plan that not only worked for us, but that made us both thrive. In the span of 4 months, Andy lost 35 pounds, his blood sugar returned to normal and in September (a mere 6 months after the original diagnosis) Andy’s doctor declared him diabetes free.

Early on we found ourselves struggling, looking for more than advice and prescriptions. Oh sure, there’s lots of information on Type II diabetes online, but there was no sense of community. We were on our own. We changed our diet, we deprived ourselves, we tried to incorporate exercise into our day. We stumbled and tripped our way through those first weeks. There was no one to help us. We were on our own. And yet we weren’t.

Throughout our journey we began to see glimpses of God’s abundant provision. We feel compelled to share our journey so that others can feel hope in what may feel like devastating circumstances. God brought us through to the other side, and He can do the same for you.

Our hope with this website is to provide a sense of community and support for those who feel like they’re going to have to rely on prescription medication to cope with their Type II diabetes for the remainder of their lives. We beat it, and we want to help you in your own journey.

Disclaimer: We’re run of the mill human beings—not doctors. The information contained in this website is based solely on our journey to overcome Type II diabetes. If you’ve been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, please talk to your doctor before making any decisions regarding your prescription medication.

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  1. Hi you two! This is so exciting. I know you’ve been planning this for a while and I am more than happy to support you!!

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