October 2nd: Weekly meal plan

Even though we’re a week + into fall, it’s still pretty warm in the Portland area. I know winter is coming and I’ll probably be wishing for sun sooner rather than later, but for now I’m just really craving warm and hearty fall dinners. So even though we’re looking at a couple of days in the 80s next week, you’re still going to see bolognese, casserole, and ragu on our menu. What can I say? Baby likes fall!

Here’s the grocery list–and here’s to a fantastic week!

– Spaghetti squash bolognese
– Broccoli, sausage, tomato casserole
– Chicken ragu with mashed cauliflower- Huevos rancheros
Kohlrabi pasta alla Foriana
– Cauliflower frittata
– Hodge Podge!

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