October 23rd: Weekly meal plan

I realize that I completely forgot to post last week’s meal plan. I set out every day with the best of intentions and they just fell flat. Among other things last week we eat: white chicken chile, Italian sausage rice bowl, and mushroom ragu. I had a beautiful butternut squash lasagna planned, but when it came right down to it, it felt like more work than I had energy for so I turned it into a skillet. At this point, that’s my go to–when in doubt, make it a skillet!

I promised myself I wouldn’t skip two meal plans in a row, so combined with the grocery list, here you go!

– Moroccan carrot soup, salad, and flatbread
– Pizza
– Garbage Stirfry from NomNom Paleo
– Roasted Brussels sprouts and pear salad
– Broccoli sausage casserole
– Huevos rancheros
-Hodge Podge!

Next week, I’m hoping to have 2 new recipes to share. And maybe a peek at my 2nd trimester eating habits.

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