March 6th: Weekly meal plan

Hello and welcome to the weekend!

If you look closely at our first few meal plans, you’ll see a lot of repeats. There are a few reasons for this: 1) It makes meal planning super easy–just take what we like from the week before and have it again. 2) We like what we like. Why make a change? 3) It makes sticking to the budget fairly easy as I already know what each meal will roughly cost.

Don’t think that we eat the same thing night after night. When I do meal repeats, I like to make something at the end of the second week that we had at the beginning of the week before. In the end, it all balances out quite nicely.

Here’s a look at what Andy and I are eating this week. Enjoy!

– Egg cups and asparagus
– Broccoli and cheese egg bake/casserole
– Broccoli, sausage, and tomato bake/casserole with grain-free crumble topping
– Chorizo, mushroom, and turnip* soup with salad
– Curried cauliflower soup with salad (freezer meal!)
– Cobb salad
– Hodge Podge (clear out that fridge!)

*Our garden is chock-a-block full of turnips that I planted last fall. I need to start incorporating them into meals before they bolt as it’s been an unseasonably warm winter this year.

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