March 27th: Weekly meal plan

Here’s a peek at what Andy and I will be eating this week–and here’s our grocery list!

You’ll notice that it’s significantly longer this week, and has things like sugar and chocolate chips. We’re hosting Easter next week for Andy’s family so I wanted to give myself a leg up on food prep and the budget and get a few things this week. Also, it’s Andy’s chile prep weekend which means a few extra ingredients that I usually only buy once a month.

Have a great week!

– Brussels sprouts gratin (I’m playing around with the ingredients a little bit and will post the recipe if it’s a success)
– “Texy Mexy” skillet (based on this recipe, but I’m tweaking it because we don’t eat rice or beans. Again, if it’s successful I’ll share the recipe!)
– Stuffed cabbage casserole
– Chicken enchilada rice bowl
– Gyro meatball salad with tzatziki dressing
– Fried eggs with roasted veggies and salad
– Hodge Podge!

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