March 13th: Weekly meal plan

I don’t know if it’s the combination of warm sun and drizzly gray days (we’ve had both this week), but I’m feeling like I’ve got some ants in my pants. As such, I’m trying two new dinners this week. Normally, I try to limit myself to one new meal a week, but I’m feeling a little adventurous–if two new-to-us meals can be called adventurous–so here we go!

Chicken ragu over herbed cauli-rice
Braised cabbage with fried eggs (new!)
Mushroom masala over Indian-spiced cauli-rice (new!)
– Broccoli, cheese, and egg casserole (from the Wheat Belly 30-Minute (or Less) cookbook)
– Brussels sprouts gratin with fried eggs (from the Wheat Belly 30-Minute (or Less) cookbook)
– Chorizo chile (Probably one of the easiest meals I make. Recipe to come!)
– Hodge Podge (Let’s clean that fridge!)


One thought on “March 13th: Weekly meal plan

  1. These new meals sound delicious! When will we… I mean when will you and your amazingly lucky and brave (he sounds brave) husband be having these 2 new dinners?

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