June 26th: Weekly meal plan

If the weather forecast is true (and I’m praying it’s not) over the next 10 days Portland is going to get hot and stay hot. I’m already melting at the thought of all those 90+ degree days. Nothing sounds worse than turning on the oven, and Popsicles for dinner are sounding like a very real possibility.

The meal plan and subsequent grocery list is surprisingly protein heavy. I’m hoping to do some pre-cooking/grilling in the cool of one of the weekend mornings, and then just pull cooked meat out of the fridge for all those cool salads we’ll be eating.

Stay cool and hydrated, everyone!

– Taco salad
Chorizo rice bowl
– Grilled sausage and kohlslaw
– Grilled chicken salad
– Antipasti plates
– Caprese salad
– Hodge Podge!

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