Garden 2015: Starts and specs

I promised last week I would share exactly what plants I started and my general garden plan, so here goes!

Tomatoes x 20 (8 different kinds)
Peppers, sweet x 5 (California Wonder Pepper)
Peppers, hot x 10 (Jalapeno and Pepperoncini)
Cabbage x 10 (3 different kinds)
Romanesco x 2
Broccoli x 10
Kale x 10 (Curly and Lacinato)
Cauliflower x 8
Celery x 25
Onions x lots! (2 different spring plus a batch of red. It’s hard to say exactly how many, but probably around the 300 mark. Onions start differently than other veggies.)

A little over a week and I already have starts for the following: Tomatoes, cabbage, Romanesco, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, celery, and onions. I’m days away from transplanting into bigger pots and trying to figure out where I can put them that gets plenty of light, but is away from the cats, because seedlings and cats aren’t a good mix.

The peppers and some of the tomatoes are being a bit stubborn. I’m hoping they’ll come up soon, though I don’t have any experience starting celery and I’ve never had luck starting peppers.

As for the rest of our garden (remember, I’ve got 8 beds to fill!) I’ve got a fairly large handful of seeds that will be direct sown once the soil warms up sufficiently. Here’s what I’ll be putting in the ground in the next 6–8 weeks:

Pumpkins (5 kinds!)
Fava beans
Bush beans
Beets (4–5 kinds!)
Butternut squash
Cucumbers (2–3 kinds!)
Head lettuce
Swiss chard

To be perfectly honest, I’m a little nervous. This is the largest number of plants I’ve ever attempted, and it will take some dedication to the cause to keep everything going . If everything turns out, we’ll be swimming in produce, and I’ll have a lot to put up so we can eat through the winter. If it doesn’t, well I’ll have to chuck it up to another learning experience.


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