Garden 2015: Planting season

The weather this spring has been unseasonably warm and dry for Portland, land of the perpetual drizzle. As such, this week officially begins my in-ground growing season for many of my plants. I’m going to hold off on planting my tomatoes and peppers, the nights are still a little cool for their delicate sensibilities, but starting this week I am slowly going to start getting my garden in the ground.

Four of my beds are already partially planted. This week I’m going to get my cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli starts in the ground and get some kale seeds planted as, for some reason, none of my kale starts made it. I’m still puzzled by this. Kale is usually super easy to start.

Once the brassicas are in, I’m going to run through my remaining seeds to see what will be hardy enough to withstand the cooler evening temps. My goal is to have everything in its proper place no later than May 2nd (except the tomatoes and peppers–I think I’m going to wait another week on those).

I’ve got a few garden tasks that I’ll need to take care of in the next few weeks, but the biggest is getting a trellis built for my fava beans. Their ruffly leaves are peeking out of the ground (Yay!) and I want to make sure I’ve got support in place before they get too tall.

I’m not quite ready to start the task of nightly watering, but the dry weather is forcing my hand, so I’m hoping to come up with a solution for that one as well. The garden is somewhat spread out over the eight beds, and I’m not certain an oscillating sprinkler will get it all in one full pass. Up until this point, I’ve always just gone out with a sprayer nozzle and given everything a good soaking. I’d like to be a little more hands off this year, as I could use that extra 20-30 minutes each evening. If you’ve got any ideas about this, I’m all ears. For the moment, a drip system isn’t feasible for us, but eventually that’s my goal!


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  1. I would invest in a dual hose water timer. I did and it saves me time and I’m not having to change hoses and sprinklers. I can set it and forget it!

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