Garden 2015: Favas!

I’m excited to say the favas are here! And while I know this large colander, when fully processed, will only amount to about a cup of edible beans, I’m still totally stoked. There are quite a few pods left to be picked so these will go into the freezer once they’re shelled and peeled until all the beans are harvested.

The lettuce is still going gangbusters, and the zucchini should be ready to start harvesting in just a few days. I’m looking forward to stocking my freezer full of zucchini bread to eat throughout the winter–lightly toasted with butter. Yum!

The beets are much further along than I was expecting for this point in the year. I may even have enough for my first batch of pickles, which is exciting, and a little annoying because it’s supposed to be above 90 degrees for the next 2 weeks and I’m not looking forward to standing over a huge pot of boiling water for hours on end.

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