An old adage gone awry

There’s an old saying:

Men marry women hoping they won’t change. Women marry men hoping they will.

Going into our marriage Andy was crystal clear that he wasn’t going to change. He’d worn the same type of outfit since he was twelve years old—cargo shorts and a t-shirt—and I shouldn’t expect him to start wearing slacks and polos. He liked certain foods and I shouldn’t expect him to like new things. He’d give them a try, but was more willing to not like them than to give them an honest chance. He did not exercise—he’d go for a walk, but  would much prefer to do anything but. What I saw is what I was going to get.

After his Type 2 diagnosis, there were certain aspects of Andy’s life that had to change and there was no getting around that fact. There were some foods we couldn’t eat on a regular basis. Zoning out on the couch was no longer an option. There had to be some movement. If not on a daily basis, at least several times a week. Not all these changes were met with a smile.

But soon, our new habits became our new lifestyle. I started to realize that I was hearing things from Andy that I never expected I would—things like:

I think I’m going to try to squeeze in a fourth walk today.

I’m going to need a new pair of walking shoes soon—I’ve worn through the pair I bought four months ago.

You know, I think I’d be okay if we decided to be vegetarians.

Could you pick up some green tea this week—I’m out.

I think I’d like to try drinking unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar. Can you please grab some when you go to the store?

I’ll eat as much steamed broccoli as you can make this week.

I’m pretty sure that I could do the raw food diet.

Type 2 Diabetes forced a change in our life. At first it was an unpleasant shock. Eating broccoli instead of French fries took some getting used to. But we were determined to beat this diagnosis and change was necessary. As the weeks went by, we adapted. Soon enough we found ourselves swapping that glass of soda for a cup of green tea. We may even have had smiles on our faces. If we have learned anything throughout this journey its that change can be a very good thing.


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