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July 17th: Weekly meal plan

This week’s meal plan is fairly veggie heavy, as we’re headed into another warm stretch. I feel a little silly buying zucchini and summer squash at this particular time of the year, but my zucchini plant struggled a bit in the heat and is just now starting to produce.

I’m hoping all the veggies will help keep things cool.

Here’s the grocery list–have a great week!

– Tomato mozzarella zoodles
– Taco stuffed tomatoes
Chicken, mushroom, zucchini skillet
– Fennel, chickpea, and citrus cauli-rice
– Chicken pesto squash ravioli
– Egg scramble
– Hodge Podge!

July 10th: Weekly meal plan

I got distracted by the cooler weather (we even had rain this morning!) and completely forgot to post this week’s meal plan and grocery list on Friday.

– Buffalo chicken stuffed peppers (these were a big hit last week!)
Chorizo rice bowl
– Antipasti/Niblets
Texy Mexy skillet
– Tuna salad stuffed tomatoes
– Grilled chicken BLT salad
– Hodge Podge!

Have a great week!

The curious incident of wheat in the night

In September of 2012, after reading Wheat Belly (and after several suspicious allergy attacks), Andy and I decided that we were going to take the plunge and live a wheat-free lifestyle to the best of our abilities. We cleaned the cupboards, throwing away anything that could possibly contain wheat. Our cupboards were shockingly bare.

A month and a half into our wheat-free living, Andy invited me to a rare work dinner. I agreed half-heartedly, knowing that I’d be severely limited in the food I was able to safely eat.

Perusing the menu at the restaurant, I found a salad that looked safe enough. Andy made a bolder move and asked for a burger with broccolini instead of fries. After a few moments of deliberation, he decided to not inconvenience the chef further and asked if the top bun could be left off, leaving the bottom bun in place. He figured he could eat safely around the bun and it wouldn’t be an issue.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to eat around a piece of food that is stuck to another piece of food, but it’s next to impossible. Even though he was as diligent as he could be, Andy couldn’t help but have a small bite or two of that bun.

By the time we got home (it was a lovely evening, by the way), Andy felt awful. His brain felt fuzzy, he was nauseated–he just felt off. And he looked puffy. Like he’d eaten a large pizza from Pizza Hut puffy. And trust me, there wasn’t a lot of food on his plate. In fact, my salad covered more surface area than his burger and veggies.

Since he’d never had this type of reaction to eating meat and veggies, we know the burger and greens weren’t the issue. It must have been the bite or two of bun.

Having such a severe reaction to so little wheat merely reinforced what we already knew. Wheat was not for us.

Sometimes it takes a hard lesson to remind us that the path we have chosen for our health, as difficult and sacrificial as it may seem, is really the easiest and best way to feel the best that we can.

July 3rd: Weekly meal plan

You guys, it is so hot. I can’t even begin to describe how much I want it to rain. And, we’re looking at another full week of hot hot hot! Thankfully, it’s supposed to start cooling down next Friday and I couldn’t be more excited.

My meal plan feels very uninspired this week. I just can’t muster the creativity to cook awesome things when it’s so darn melty outside. You’ll even notice one or two things that I never have in the plan–specifically the garbanzo bean salad. I don’t cook with a lot of legumes, but the recipe is super duper easy and that’s what I’m looking for right now.

Here’s the grocery list! Stay hydrated!

– Grilled chicken and kohlslaw
– Antipasti/ niblets
Grilled buffalo chicken stuffed peppers
– Grilled zucchini boats
Chickpea salad with cumin & garlic
– Flat bread (I don’t know what exactly, but something with flat bread)
– Hodge Podge!

One foot in front of the other

I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me a year to join Andy on the walk that he discovered the summer of 2011 as he was searching for ways to lose weight and eliminate his Type 2 Diabetes.

Knowing that Andy enjoyed the solitude of his walk, I never tried to invite myself along, merely enjoying the aftereffects of the endorphins when he walked in the door. But, after complaining about my sluggish energy level and feeling like my metabolism had slowed down, he invited me to go for a late winter, early morning walk.

I was thrilled—and a little worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

It started snowing as we walked out the door. My toes were soon numb, but we were off, so why think about it? Just put one foot in front of the other I kept reminding myself.

Through the snow falling on my eyelashes, I began to admire the beauty and perfection of Andy’s walking route. It wasn’t easy—this wasn’t a neighborhood stroll, mind you—this walk was designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, and get your blood flowing. There were uphills. There were downhills. And just enough flats to keep your lungs from bursting.

Pretty soon I realized that my walking shoes were rubbing a hole through at least one heel, if not both. Clearly I hadn’t gone walking for a while.

Andy saved the hardest part of his walk for the very end. A three-tenths of a mile uphill climb may not sound like much, but after walking 2+ miles up hills and down at 4.5 miles per hour, my feet were not enthusiastic at the prospect.

At the top of the hill, my childhood asthma decided to make an appearance, but by that point I felt the joy of success. Not only had I kept up—I hadn’t slowed Andy down at all. In fact, this may have been his fastest walk in quite some time.

My admiration for my husband grew three sizes that day. This was not a walk for sissies. This walk demanded tenacity, determination, and grit. He walked twice a day through sore muscles and blisters. Through 5 AM wake up calls that always came a little too soon. It required sacrifice and dedication. And he did it. At least twice a day as the weather permitted—7 days a week.